Bobić Family

Hi we are Bobić family!

In the middle of nowhere, we have our own paradise that people call “Valley of Peace”. A small part of the land where we grow organic fruits. Quince and apricots. Of course, everyone like to try our natural jam and rakija from the same fruits.

If you want to feel pure nature without Wi-fi and electricity this is the right spot. Water from our well is cold in the summer just like in January. And some people think that water has a healing effect on the visitor’s soul.

Walking around and breathing fresh air, with only the smell of flowers and forest will make you feel relaxed more than ever.

In our Valley of Peace, no stress is allowed. Only smiles, positive vibrations and good mood.

So if you ever come to Novi Sad and Fruška Gora and you want to visit “Valley of Peace” it will be our pleasure to be your greeters!