Goran Zubić

Hi, my name is Goran Zubić from Novi Sad.

I am hiker for about 20 years now, and that is the biggest passion in my life. I think that Vojvodina has so many beautiful places to offer. But two most interesting for me are Deliblatska sandstone and one walking track form Beočin monastery to mountain top Crveni Čot.

Deliblatska sandstone is the last sandstone in Europe and I think it is an amazing experience to walk on this area and to see the place where sand is transferred from one side to another just like in the real desert. Here you can enjoy nature and views on the plains of Banat.

The track from Beočin monastery to Crveni Čot and back is about 12km of a beautiful walking route near the stream, through the Fruška Gora.

After finishing this track, you can taste authentic wines and meals from Vojvodina. Meals like fish, goulash and different kinds of vegan food in the place Čerević.

Come to feel the real spirit of Vojvodina walking through the feels, send and forest.