Igor Draskovic

Hi there!


My name is Igor and I am here to present you the art hidden in Vojvodina’s nature! So, let’s start!

“A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” 

As a person who loves and lives poetry and music, I tend to wander around and look for the hidden small and simple things that actually echo in the soul forever!

I was born in Perlez, a small village in Vojvodina and grew up surrounded by green ambient. Since i moved to the city of Novi Sad i am in constant search for more nature and peace in the busy city life.

As a greeter, I will be there to show you some of my favorite places both in Novi Sad and Perlez. Places where I go for inspiration to write. Where I go to ease my soul and enjoy life as beautiful as it is.

Places I love the most

The Hidden View

My favorite place in City of Novi Sad is actually a hidden paradise on Petrovaradin Fortress, quiet, isolated and with most amazing sunset view you could possibly have here! I wish I could give you pictures to go with this location but the reality is that no camera can capture the beauty of what the eye can see and soul can feel.

Childhood Riverbank

The second favorite location would be in my home town, Perlez (Zrenjanin municipality), around 60 kilometers from Novi Sad, near the riverbank of Begej river, quiet, peaceful, poetic… During the spring and summer especially, I loved to sneak around the bushes and willow trees pretending that I was in the jungle. There are many local fishermen along the bank all of them willing to say hello and chat for a bit. During the autumn the colors change, a mix of orange, red, yellow, the whole palette of warm colors! And winter…oh, hauntingly beautiful sceneries which I will describe in few photos below.

Sounds of Novi Sad at night

As of my third destination, I would like to show you the nightlife of Novi Sad. Not the clubs and pubs and coffee shops, but the quiet and relaxing side of it instead. Sometimes I tend to go outside in the middle of the night, take a stroll down the Quay. Just to enjoy the silence and let my mind wander. After all, the beauty is in the eye of the beholder as they say, and though Novi Sad is not really the “city that never sleeps” you can see different types of people. For example, midnight joggers or old couples walking, holding their hands. During the summer, me and my friends gather there to hang out, play guitar and sing.

Sounds of Novi Sad with visitors

Around Perlez and Zrenjanin