Ivan Kukurov

Hi my name is Ivan Kukurov.

I have been living in Vojvodina for my whole life. I grew up with three languages: Russian, Romanian and Hungarian. Beside that, English, Slovakian and of course Serbian language are my ways to communicate with the world.

The place of my heart is the area between rivers Tisa and Danube, named Carska Bara. For someone who likes birds, flowers and water, there is no way not to like this place! During the summer season, it is even possible to take a small boat and see, feel and smell this amazing ambient.

The closest place to Carska Bara is Belo Blato. Small, multiethnic village with about one thousand residents with whom you can speak like you would do with old friends. Their cookies are famous and it will be one of the best things you will ever try.

For me, this is a special place because it’s a village where my grandparents lived and where I lived when I was a little boy. All the languages I know, I learned while playing with other children.

Come to see these unreal places and I will be your greeter.