Milica Marčeta

Hi everyone!

My name is Milica, greeter from Bački Jarak.

I would like to invite you to come and visit ethno house “Brvnara”! I am bonded to this place since my early days since my grandfather was the main initiator for building this complex. Because of it, it is part of my family legacy!

In times of colonization into Vojvodina after World War II, he built this ethno complex with his friends. They wanted to keep the memory of their homeland, life in the household of one Serbian family from the village.

Since I was little I used to spend most of my time there with my grandfather. There I was imagining lives of my and other families from those regions, their relations to work, family and life. They even kept authentic pieces of the household, everyday objects. For example, the cradle, baby stroller and others.

Even now, I am often there, like before, breathing the smell of the wood from which the whole complex was built. I would be honored to host you and to tell a story of my childhood in more details. The story of my life and life of my family.

There is an ethno restaurant nearby. We can go there afterward and treat with local specialties and enjoy the nature of our plains.

Looking forward to meeting you!