Our Greeters

Bobić Familybobici_cover_main

If you want to feel pure nature without wifi and electricity they are your greeters! They have their own paradise that people call “Valley of Peace“. A small part of the land where we grow organic fruits. Of course, everyone likes to try their natural jam and rakija from the fruits.

Dejan Milovac

Dejan has spent whole his life in Bukovac, a foothill of Fruška Gora. That is the place where I grew up and learned everything about honey and how to produce it. He fell in love with beekeeping and he wants to share that love with you!

goran-coverGoran Zubić

Goran is a hiker for about 20 years now, and that is the biggest passion in his life. He is ready to take you down the two most interesting tracks for him – Deliblatska sandstone and one walking track form Beočin monastery to mountain top Crveni Čot.

goca and ognjen coveGoca and Ognjen

Goca and Ognjen would like to show you the beauty and wonders of their two villages – Jarak and Jazak! If you wish to relax your body and soul in the tranquility and fresh air – they are waiting for you!

Igor Drašković

Igor is an outgoing person, always looking for a “piece of heaven” wherever he is. As an artist – he finds his inspiration in the nature and silence of the night.

ivan-coverIvan Kukurov

Ivan has been living in Vojvodina for his whole life. He grew up speaking three languages: Russian, Rumanian, Hungarian. Besides that, English, Slovakian and of course Serbian language are his ways to communicate with the world.

Milica Marčeta

Milica has a strong bond with her family. She spent her childhood in ethno complex “Brvnara” learning about the family legacy, about the history and daydreaming about how life looked like back in the days.

Slaviša Miljković

Slaviša finds his passions to be nature and food! If someone knows where and how to combine both that is him for sure! The tradition of barbequing and preparing world-famous kotlić all wrapped up with some of the most amazing views.