Slaviša Miljković


My name is Slaviša – I am greeter from Novi Sad. 

My passions are food and nature. That is why the place of my heart is near the Danube river. It is one of the biggest and prettiest rivers in Europe.

Here in Novi Sad, it is a unique place, because literally a few meters from the city crowd, on the hidden river beaches, you can find only sounds of nature – birds, forest, wind and of course the river. It is amazing how only a few steps, meters or a couple of minutes driving you can find yourself in a different world.

This is the perfect place to go if you want to speak with someone because it is the contrast of loud, modern city life.

People like to come here with their pets, dogs, without cell phones, to walk around, talk with others, look sunsets and enjoy the energy that someone can feel only near this river.

I like to go on places like this with my friends to prepare some delicious domestic meals. That is like some kind of tradition for one part of people who live here.

It is a perfect way to forget about everyday obligations and enjoy smell, taste, and energy of these places. Personally, I think that even traditional food has different taste on places like this. Especially if you prepare it with your friends.